About Susie Wilden

Measurements 44-30-40
Bra Size 36-G
Height 5' 4"
Weight 150 lbs.
Birthday November 5th

"In America, I'm a G-cup. In English sizes, I'm a 36 double-J. When I go home my nickname is Double-J because I'm a double-J," said Susie. "My tits weigh about six pounds each." A lot of models are just in it for the money. Susie is not built like that. And she had no desire to create an alias for herself like most girls. "I think if you enjoy doing your job, you should keep your own name. You know, I do enjoy doing my work, and I quite like my name as well, so why not use it? And I'm wild as well, so it was kind of all in the name. Susie Wilden."